Martin Schulte Quartet

Peter Ehwald – sax
Martin Schulte – git
Matthias Novak – b
Mirek Pyschny – dr

2003 Martin Schulte asked his friends Peter Ehwald (sax), Matthias Nowak (b) and Mirek Pyschny (dr) to join the Martin Schulte Quartet to perform his original pieces inspired by John Scofield and Kurt Rosenwinkel on jazz stages across Germany. Intellectual high-performance jazz isn’t their thing. The four musicians like to show a bit of emotion and humour and know how to relax. And being relaxed means you can make it your goal to enjoy the journey. The first Martin Schulte Quartett CD is ready to hit the market. Martin Schulte’s eight pieces move somewhere between jazz, pop and rock. The elements sometimes flow strong and energetic, and sometimes quiet and intimate. Some pieces are loose and airy like acoustic pop with tunes that stay in your ear. And to really dive into the fun bits of this first CD project, between the arranged stretches, Martin Schulte and his band have left a lot of room to enjoy a good dose of impro.

Maria Giorgou Band

Maria Giorgou – voc
Martin Schulte – git
Sebastian Gahler – p
Matthias Novak – b
Ralf Gessler – dr

The band of Cologne-based singer Maria Giorgou plays originals and adaptions of songs from jazz-greats like Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane and others.


Annette Maye – cl
Martin Schulte – git

Our duo DOYNA refers to free interpretation of the traditional wedding music and festive music of the Eastern European Jews. 
In the focus of the musical programm are dances: inspired frejlakhs , fast bulgars and graceful waltzes. These dances represent the merging of jewish melodies and southeastern european folk tunes and barn dances that has taken place for hundreds of years.

Magnus Mehl Quartet

Magnus Mehl – sax
Martin Schulte – git
Fedor Ruskuc – b
Ferenc Mehl – dr

Some quotes about the record "Baden Verboten" featuring Jake Saslow - saxophon

Dick Oatts: "Magnus Mehl and Jake Saslow make a wonderful front line. The quintet sounds great together and I look forward to many more recordings in the future. The playing and writing on this record (Baden verboten) is outstanding."

Richie Beirach: "This is a fine example of excellent young german jazz musicians. The heads are interesting with unusual lines and rhythmic dexterities. The solos are fresh and powerful and the music is a very creative combination of group interaction and real through-down burnout intensity. Recommended highly!"

Antonio Hart: "This is a wonderful project full of interesting compositions, and a lot of energy. The blend between the two saxophones is excellent and the rhythm section is a great unit. I have enjoyed listening to each composition."

Los Quatro de la Sala

Guido Simon – cl, ss
Alexander Pankow – band
Martin Schulte – git
Matthias Bangert – b

New CD will be released in March 2011.

Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble

Heiner Wiberny, Achim Schröter, Claudius Valk, Frank Sackenheim, Francois de Ribeaupierre - saxes
Volker Deglmann, Matthias Knoop, Florian Menzel, Benni Brown - trumpets
Felix Fromm, Simon Harrer, Max von Einem, Jan Schreiner - trombones
Martin Schulte, Sebastian Sternal, Peter Schwebs, Timo Warnecke - rhythm

As a composer and pianist Stefan Schultze stylistically strives to combine elements of jazz and new music. He studied with John Taylor, Paulo Alvares and Joachim Ullrich at the Hochschule für Musik Köln. In 2006, he was awarded with a grant to study composition at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, and in 2007 he won a DAAD grant to continue his studies in New York with Michael Abene and Reiko Fueting. For the CD "Run" he recieved the WDR-Jazzprize.
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