"Martin Schulte impressed me immediately as an extremely talented guitarist. I highly recommend him."
Ben Monder

"Martin Schulte is a first class guitar player. His playing is fluid and expressive, his compositions interesting and captivating. I really look forward to hearing a lot more from this great young player!"
Paul Bollenback

"Schulte is an exceptional modern jazz guitarist with an international perspective."

„Some Musicians try to show how much they can play by playing everything they know, while Cologne-based guitarist Martin Schulte and his NY Quartet show on their latest album, Pieces Of Astoria, that less can be more. Along with tenor saxophonist Jake Saslow, bassist Craig Akin and drummer Peter Gall, Schulte leaves the listener wanting more, which is a testament to the group’s artistry and maturity. The quartet’s performances of six Schulte originals and Duke Ellington’s „In A Sentimental Mood“ sound effortless and completely natural. The low-key and relaxed vibe invites the listener to surrender himself to this fine album. Each player here puts collective music making above his ego. „Dancing Teen“, which has a brisk second-line type feel, demonstrates how adept the rhythm section is at not only supporting the soloist, but at making space for each other as well. Akin’s short, descending lines dovetail with Gall’s snare, while Schulte fills in brief spaces with chords and echoes Akin’s line. The group displays near-telepathic abilities on the waltz „Joshua’s Wish“ in that they seem to know where each line is headed; these guys have big ears. Saslow’s highly expressive approach is loaded with nuance and subtlety. He blends perfectly with Schulte when both play the head, as on „Brooklyn Lager“, and Schulte’s ringing arpeggios and reverb-laden sound complement Gall’s crisp drumming and Akin’s clean attack. Schulte intersperses plenty of space into his single-note phrases, showing that what’s not said is just as important as what is.“

"Acclaimed German guitarist Martin Schulte redefines contemporary jazz on new CD.
In his young, tragic life, Kurt Cobain probably never imagined one of his songs would be converted into a freewheeling jazz number. But that's exactly what guitarist Martin Schulte accomplishes on his new album, In Transit, reworking Nirvana's 1993 fuzz bomb “Heart-Shaped Box" into quirky, screeching jazz, complete with sizzling saxophone and Schulte capturing the soft/loud pattern of the original albeit minus the rock element. Indeed, this is not your father's jazz.
Born in Cologne, Germany in 1979, Schulte belongs to a younger generation of jazz players, one that accepted rock & roll—especially modern rock—as a legitimate form of music and isn't scared to incorporate some of its spirit within the tasteful confines of jazz. For Schulte, it all began with an iconic device from the '80s. “I recorded songs at home with an Atari, a sampler, and my guitar when I was younger," he explained. However, his earliest experiences with music weren't about rock. “I started playing classical piano at the age of six," Schulte added. “I think because my brother was playing, too."
Schulte decided to go pro in his late teens, but not with a piano. By the age of 18, Schulte had become a promising new guitarist; today he is one of the most requested local sidemen, versatile enough to juggle jazz alongside funk, pop, and rock. For Schulte, recording In Transit with a band was an experience as enlightening as it was enjoyable. “It was wonderful to hear what other players put into my songs," Schulte revealed. “And it felt great to record my jazz originals for the first time."
The years of performance and collaboration have opened Schulte's mind to music's possibilities and how it can be appreciated. “Although I now understand much more theoretically about music, I'm very happy that the beauty of a simple chord, melody, or song is still there.""
All About Jazz

"New album from Germany-based jazz guitarist Martin Schulte is a thrilling experience"
Jazz Corner

"[...] An astounding show of musical ideas from Cologne [...]"

Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen in Jazzpodium (May 2007)

"[…] Fresh, cheeky and intelligent. Brainy music, which is just really fun. […]"

Mittelbayerische Zeitung, 18. Juli 2005

"[...] Oktoposse is a band, that stands out, because of their great deal of originality, their professionalism, and their huge musical capability [..]"

Reiner Michalke, Manager of STADTGARTEN Cologne

"[…] Oktoposse impresses with their fresh and unconventional ways of dealing with the Jazz tradition. […]"

Badische Zeitung, 21. Mai 2007

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